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19:10 16 Feb 20
Our dermatologist recommended The... Natural to us years ago and we have faithfully used it ever since!I have many allergies and my husband is a diabetic, so we both have sensitive, itchy skin. The Natural makes it possible to enjoy our hot tub on a daily basis! We HIGHLY recommend it!!read more
Laura A
Laura A
14:24 11 Feb 20
We switched to the Natural in 2013... because of skin problems with both chlorine and bromine. The owner spoke with me on the phone and helped me make the transition. We have never been sorry. Maintenance is easier and no more skin reactions. We love the more
Debbie Garrett
Debbie Garrett
16:00 05 Feb 20
I have been buying these products... for several years! I can’t say enough good things about this product. Water is always sparkling, no odors, never drying or damaging to the skin. Water saving, only requires water replacement yearly. Makes maintaining your spa so simple!!Customer service is wonderful! Great personal attention! Orders have always been correct and arrived when promised.If you haven’t tried these products, do yourself a BIG favor and buy!read more
Paul Russell
Paul Russell
00:25 04 Feb 20
Just purchased my first hot tub... last year - and a friend recommended this product... I'm now several months in and I love it. I have highly sensitive skin - so I have to be careful with products, soaps, detergents etc. I've been using my hot tub daily for several months with The Natural with no issues at all. Water is clear... no smell or slime - and no harsh chlorine to dry out and irritate my skin. When I set up the hot tub - I rinsed it well - drained - used the Natural purge - then drained and filled adding the Natural treatment - and it's been perfect. Now I'm just adding the Natural treatment every 3 months and it's doing it's job. I thought it sounded too good to be true - but I'm a believer - on the subscription plan for auto-delivery. Highly recommend!read more
Erik Lenzing
Erik Lenzing
04:05 03 Feb 20
Have been using The Natural for 10... years or so. Has been perfect for us. Water is comfortable and clean. Spa maintenance is minimal. Would not think of using anything more
Beth Kunisch
Beth Kunisch
22:15 02 Feb 20
I love this system in our hot tub,... especially noticeable when the jets are on. I always felt like i had a hard time breathing after a few minutes when we were using chlorine. And also don't feel like you have to rinse off right away. So much easier to maintain the tub as well, not having to worry about checking the chemical levels all the time. Also, their response time to questions, and customer service is more
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Cutting edge of water filtration.

The spa & hot tub filter is probably the most abused part of the spa & hot tub because it is asked to clean the water of dirt, soap, hair, body oil etc.

The First Filter does just that and more. Utilizing charged materials First Filter literally pulls contaminants to itself and out of the water.

Charged material technology pulls contaminants to the filter and traps them.

The spa & hot tub filter is probably the most abused part of the spa & hot tub because it is asked to clean the water of dirt, soap, hair, body oil etc. The First Filter does just that and more. The First Filter is a ten-micron Polypropylene filter that magnetizes soaps, body oil, lotions, etc. from the surface of the spa & hot tub to itself and does not let them back into the water. That is right. The First Filter attracts anything and all things in the water to itself and does not leech them back into the water. The fabric that makes up the First Filter is similar to material used to contain oil spills from ships at sea. That is great for you and for the environment. The First Filter can be used for three months and then should be replaced. But within the three months, you notice the filter has debris on it all you have to do is rinse it with water and it is good to go.

Benefits of The First Filter

  • Easy to install just lay it in the filter compartment.
  • Small and flat in size. So small someone can put it in their carry bag.
  • Fast acting so there is no need for clarifiers, scum removers, cleaners or defoamers.
  • Cleaner water – Healthier for you – Traps oil and organic debris and doesn’t leech them back into the water
  • Low maintenance -Rinse weekly and replace every three months

Once you start using the First Filter you will never go to another filters. It works so well and it is so easy to use. The First Filter allows people who are on the goal and don’t have time for maintenance to do just that. Helpful Hint ~ To order this product one time, just scroll down and use the yellow “Add to Cart” button but first, you might want to read about our subscription offerings below:

Choose subscription to set it and forget it.

If you’re like us, you’re busy! Don’t let the stress and craziness of life interfere with your time to safely relax in your spa or hot tub.

Click the button to enjoy Subscription Benefits:

-Customize your order and delivery schedule
-Get the best pricing on all of our products
-Get discounted shipping fees on all reorders
-Get updates on our latest research and information to keep your loved ones safe
-Best of all, NEVER run out of product when you need it
-Suspend or cancel your order any time

Click the “Auto-Reorder & Relax” button to put The Natural Spa First Filter on subscription and we’ll make sure you get your First Filters just when you need them every time. Never worry about running out of product or trying to figure-out when to replace your filter again!