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Why a subscription?

Our hot tub is a place to escape from the craziness of this busy life and to enjoy a few moments of relaxation. A chance to give our body and mind time for recovery and rejuvenation. That said, as every hot tub owner knows, there are few things we need to do in order to ensure that our hot tub water remains healthy and safe for us to enjoy. Once of these is to maintain the condition of our water. This just as true with operating the type of natural hot tub that our customers choose. So, we wanted to provide you a simple way to never have the need to focus on “not running out of your hot tub supplies” ever again. The simplest solution we could come-up with was to setup a simple subscription system, so you could order what you need and then forget it. We call our new subscription program, “Auto-Reorder and Relax” and you will find our subscription product options listed here.

Changing your subscription.

One thing that is always true about life, things change. Because of this we’ve made our subscription system super simple to use. You can easily log-in to your user account and change or, even, cancel your subscription at any time.

Coupons & Savings

We really value our subscribers. As one of our subscription members, you will likely as not find special pricing offers, discounts, and even links to claim free stuff in your email inbox from time-to-time. Its just our way of saying, “Thanks”.

If you have any questions about subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you and will do our best to quickly respond to your inquiry.