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From: $39.95 / year

If you are running your hot tub year round and keeping your water right by adding The Natural Spa every 90 days, chances are that you will only ever need to use The Natural Purge once in the life of your hot tub or spa. That said, if you let the system sit idol for extended periods, you don’t run the tub year round, or you just like covering all your bases, we don’t think its a bad idea to add The Natural Purge to your water as you reopen your hot tub each year. See detailed instructions on our starter and conversion kit page.

We recommend using “The Natural Purge” before starting with The Natural to get rid of the deposits, chemicals, and other residue, inside your pipes and pump.

The Natural Purge – 100% safe

People think because their water is clear that the internal components are clean as well. Unfortunately this is not the case. We recommend using “The Natural Purge” before starting with The Natural to get rid of this build up inside your pipes and pump. For Spa & Hot Tub owners who want to rid their spas & hot tubs of toxic build-up, The “Natural Purge” cleans every nook and cranny in your spa & hot tub while you do nothing. Unlike harsh chemicals cleaners, The ” Natural Purge” will not harm your family, your spa & hot tub or the environment.

  • So simple to use – just add a bottle to your spa & hot tub five (5) days before doing a water change
  • 100% safe for your family and can be drained safely into your backyard where it benefits the environment.
  • Safely transitions your spa & hot tub from chemicals to natural enzymes
  • Prevents mineral build-up, scale and corrosion caused by traditional chemical products which destroy your spa & hot tub pump and pipes
  • Greatly extends the life of your hot tub and pump

The “Natural Purge” is the perfect way to clean your spa & hot tub before using the “The Natural”. The nontoxic “Natural Purge” enzyme formula dissolves away chemicals deposits hidden deep inside you spa & hot tub that cause irritating and itching. The “Natural Purge” may also be used in jetted bath tubs to remove build up in pumping lines.